Arrangement of Bach Two Part Invention in F Major

Arranged: 2011
Written for Blue Streak Ensemble
Premiere:  Blue Streak Ensemble, Linwood Park, Vermilion, OH, June 11, 2011
Duration: 3.5 minutes
Instrumentation:  flute, violin, cello, clarinet, vibes


"Her arrangement of Bach’s Two Part Invention in F major is a sheer delight as Brouwer moves the theme around the various instruments." - Bruce Reader, The Classical Reviewer, 2014

"Certainly, there is music from the past that bears repeating and reinterpreting.  The two arrangements at the end of this collection are examples of such music.  Written for the Blue Streak Ensemble while at the cabin on Lonely Lake, Brouwer’s arrangements of Debussy’s "Claire de Lune" and Bach’s "Two-Part Invention in F" are fresh reworkings of these two lovely classics.  In addition to giving listeners new things for which to listen in the context of familiar favorites, they provide the simple pleasure that is sometimes critical in times that strain individuals’ understanding of the world around them." - Seth Tompkins, Second Inversion, Naxos CD review, June 2014

"More than just arrangements, Brouwer has added her own colorful touches to these well-known pieces."  - Mike Telin, ClevelandClassical, July 2014