• The Music Division of The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center has started a Margaret Brouwer Collection.  Brouwer's scores, manuscripts, papers, and recordings will be made available for research by scholars, composers and performers.

Blue Streak Ensemble is honored to be supported by New Music USA. Follow BSE on New Music USA as their concert season unfolds. 

Blue Streak Ensemble is honored to be supported by New Music USA. Follow BSE on New Music USA as their concert season unfolds. 


Dallas Symphony
Detroit Symphony
Rochester Philharmonic
American Pianists Association
American Composer's Orchestra
CityMusic Cleveland Chamber Orchestra 



  • National Endowment for the Arts Award 2012, 2003
  • Guggenheim Award 2004
  • Ohio Council for the Arts Individual Fellowship 2005
  • Academy of Arts and Letters Award in Music 2006
  • Elaine Lebenbom Memorial Award 2009
  • Meet the Composer Commissioning Award 2010


Naxos recently  released Margaret Brouwer's newest chamber CD, "Shattered." It is available for purchase on Amazon.



"Margaret Brouwer has an ear for creating some exquisite sounds and textures that listeners will find beguiling. The performances are first rate as is the recording ..."   
Read the full review on The Classical Reviewer

"Musically, the contemporary instrumental works on this release tend toward an effective fusion of traditional and extended techniques.  Unlike many such attempts, the music heard here blends the two without the extended materials becoming gimmicky or distracting.  In fact, the nuanced and appropriate inclusion of these elements enhances the music, achieving in an arena where musical success is often elusive."  Read the full review on Second Inversion

"From the relentless, primal energy of 'Shattered Glass' to the naked beauty of 'Whom do you call angel now?' and lushness of her arrangement of Debussy’s 'Clair de Lune', Brouwer’s music represents just how uniquely diverse the output and voice of a single composer can be." Read the full review on NewMusicBox

"(Brouwer) has a talent for taking the simplest melody and through her expansive array of compositional techniques, develop it into a polished musical gem. And even when employing a twelve-tone row, Brouwer never ventures into the realm of compositional gimmickry. Every note she writes has musical purpose."  Read the full review on ClevelandClassical

"The music switches from a cool neo-Classical demeanor, all buoyant rhythms and sleek textures, to howls of Expressionist anguish - and then back again without a hitch. The emotional vividness of the result is remarkable, and the performances by the Blue Streak Ensemble and the Maia String Quartet with clarinetist Daniel Silver only underscore Brouwer’s versatility." Read the full review in the San Francisco Chronicle