Composed:  2014
Premiere:  Blue Streak Ensemble, Symphony Space, NYC, April 21, 2014
Duration:  11 minutes
Instrumentation: flute, voice, violin, cello, trombone, piano

World Premiere performance of Inner Voices by Blue Streak Ensemble on the Cutting Edge Concerts New Music Festival at Symphony Space, NYC, April 21, 2014

flute - Madeline Lucas, voice - Sarah Beaty, violin- Tara Lynn Ramsey, cello - Maaike Harding, trombone - Christopher Brosius, piano - Shuai Wang


I.  Lost
II.  Deserted Delphi Veiled in Mist

Scored for flute, female voice, violin, cello, trombone, and piano, Inner Voices is a personal piece exploring inner emotions through musical expression.   Inner Voices also explores sounds and colors in which the voice is used as an instrument in the ensemble instead of as a leading solo part.  Each instrument, including the voice has solo moments and melodies.  But at times, the voice blends with the other instruments to become part of a supporting sonority.  Sometimes special attention is given to the colors of the female voice mixed with the trombone, and sometimes to interesting ways that trombone or voice can relate to flute, strings and piano.   Through this medium, the first movement portrays inner feelings of anger, desperation and sadness.  The second movement reflects deep memories of the ancient Greek city of Delphi shrouded in thick layers of mist.